User guide

Workflow chart for intended use: starting with a template, moving to making a graphics kit, then auto-nesting the decals, and finally, proceeding to print.

Creating a template

In this video we’ll show you how to supercharge a template with Decal Mate Pro.

Creating a Layout (Print sheet target)

In this video we’ll show you how to create a target layout file.

Using layouts

How to use your saved layouts in production.

Mix vs Raster

What’s the difference between the two Render Methods.

Export Map

Export your graphics kit wrap as a web app that guides you through the application of each decal. The web app allows your customers to easily locate each decal on your print sheets. and mark the ones you have already applied. The web app also shows you the exact graphics that you have ordered, making it even easier to identify the decals on the print sheets.

Auto Nesting

Learn how auto nesting can help you save time.

Auto Nest “Anything”

Auto Nest decals outside of our framework.